About Us

To produce a high quality and credible work product, large-scale real estate development projects need a development company to lead a team of experts through the real estate development process.

Dillon Development Partners, LLC (“DDP”) uses the best and most efficient management and cost controls, deals with customers ethically and honestly and eliminates the source of frustrations that often take away from the pleasure of completing projects. We work only with team members and partners who share this philosophy and embrace our high standards.

Dillon Development Partners, LLC and its business premise was borne out of the experiences of its principals, Greg Dillon and Jack Cash. Both men have a particular area of expertise and have substantial experience in the real estate development process. Having worked together on projects previously, the principals of DDP discovered each has a common vision and passion.

This vision and passion is centered on time management, making sure our clients spend their time in the manner most beneficial to their goals (personal, professional, financial or other). Our clients are the entrepreneurs, growing businesses and private and public foundations. Our experiences prove that the less distractions that take place during a given project, the more time efficient and less costly the project is when completed.

Thus DDP has combined all the resources necessary to complete most any business project that involves real estate development. Through the combined resources, we are the single source necessary to plan, design and implement our clients’ visions.

Because the DDP team is managing the entire process, we eliminate:

  • Distractions that adversely impact the time schedule and budget
  • Our clients’ burdens of learning more than they need to about the thousands of steps and details involved in real estate development, design and construction.

Because we are involved in the project’s planning and at its completion, we are accountable for the project’s success. Because we are there to move you into the new facilities, we are prepared to make the corrections that result from the operational theories, used during the design and engineering phase, being put into practice in the real world. Because we are there at the end, we eliminate the role of the mediator that generally requires the project owner to pay more for something they don’t want.

As simple and obvious as this seems, it did not exist before we at DDP created the completely integrated, no-gap, no-overlap process. From the initial planning to the move in to the new facilities, we have all services and expertise our clients will require.

Our services are cost effective because under our clients’ direction, our team will make sure they have more resources and expertise at hand than they will ever need. We bill our clients only for what the project requires. Our clients see it all, benefit from it all and use only the elements of development, design and construction that are customized around their dreams, time schedule and budget.