Development & Investment

Dillon Development Partners works closely with clients to facilitate and execute development or acquisition of real properties. We have years of experience in managing zoning requirements, selecting architects, engineers, and general contractors. DDP will also assist in managing finances, budgeting, marketing, leasing, as well as construction & asset management.

It is easy to think of Real Estate Development and Real Estate Investment as having similar meanings. Think of it this way to distinguish between the two; Every Real Estate Development project has a Real Estate Investment, but Every Real Estate Investment does not have a Real Estate Development project. Therefore, it is important to engage a firm that can distinguish between the two and is comfortable operating in both areas.

Real Estate Development requires a full spectrum of services to create the project program and then manage the program processes to completion.

Real Estate Investment can be as simple as finding a building to purchase and negotiating the purchase agreement or can be as complex as a Real Estate Development project.

Dillon Development Partners, LLC has the skills and experience to handle both. Our professionals are qualified to assist our clients in these areas with:

Real Estate Development

  • Program Creation
  • Program Process Management
  • Financing
  • Equity

Real Estate Investment

  • Risk Assessment
  • Annual Return benchmarks
  • Debt to Equity requirements
  • Recourse vs Non-recourse loans
  • Feasibility studies

Asset Management

When considering Asset Management, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you satisfied with how your real estate investment performing?
  • Is your investment performance better than your peers?
  • If not, how can the performance be improved?
  • Set up an appointment with our staff to discuss your answers to these questions.