Project Management/Owner’s Representation

Dillon Development Partners is a real estate development firm that focuses on the efficient management of your Real Estate project.  Our professionals save you time, money and aggravation.  We serve clients who require expertise, knowledge of the marketplace, experienced management and attention to detail.

Dillon Development Partners believes in our client’s visions. Our work is diligent and focused to achieve these visions.  It is the core belief of each member of our firm that Dillon Development Partners, LLC serves the best interest of our clients by structuring the relationship in the manner that best suits the client’s goals and objectives.

Examples of past relationships include: Development Director, Owner’s Representative, Project Manager, Partner and Construction Monitor.

No matter the relationship structure, Dillon Development Partners becomes an extension of our client’s staff for management of the team that is working consistently with the defined project goals and objectives.


Adventure Park, Frederick County, MD
Approximately $11M Development of indoor/outdoor entertainment facilities, 35,000 SqFt. of Buildings

Southeast DC Ballpark, Washington DC
Represented Western Development Corporation for entitlement approvals and building design

Demiray Farm, Frederick County, MD
Representing family interests in development of 50-55 lot residential community incorporating green and sustainable technologies

Maple and Birch Residence Halls, Shepherd University, WV
Design and Build of two $15M apartment-style residence halls on the campus of Shepherd University. The project included infrastructure improvements to the surround areas on campus

National Labor College, Washington, DC
Managed the $11M of renovation and new construction of Dormitories, Offices and Site Work

Dillon Development Partner’s Responsibilities

  • Point of Contact with Consultants and Contractors
  • Develop and Manage Scope of Work
  • Develop and Manage Schedule
  • Develop and Manage Budget
  • Review and Approval of Consultant’s invoices
  • Negotiations/Recommendations
  • Management of Consultant Work Effort
  • Management of Contractor compliance with Construction Drawings
  • Recommend/Manage 3rd Party Inspections and Commissioning of Equipment
  • Project Management/Owner’s Rep

Owner’s Responsibilities

  • Execution of Contracts and Payments to Consultants
  • Approval of Budget/Schedule
  • Approval of Scope of Work and Project Vision

On behalf of our clients, Dillon Development Partners assumes management responsibility for elements of their projects employing best practices in project management and quality control. As the Owner’s Representative, Dillon Development Partners focuses solely on the interests of our clients and is not encumbered by outside interests.