Property & Asset Management

Property Management

The most important determinants of a successful real estate investment are:

  • Base rent
  • Operating Costs/Common Area costs
  • Occupancy
  • Condition of property

The professional staff at Dillon Development Partners, LLC has years of experience assisting property owners with the creation, implementation and management of a capital improvement program that allows our clients to maintain higher rents than those charged by similarly classed buildings.

We have successfully performed this role for multi-family housing projects, schools/universities and office buildings.
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Asset Management

Ask yourself the following questions:

Are you satisfied with how your real estate investment performing?

Is your investment performance better than your peers?

If not, how can the performance be improved?

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Pre-development Process

If you already own or your interest is buying a parcel of land and you are considering building a home, an office building for your business or an investment property, there are local regulatory approvals required before you even file for a building permit.  Dillon Development Partners, LLC is familiar with the pre-development process for the jurisdictions in the Washington/Baltimore metro area.

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Real Estate Services:

  • Property Management/Capital Improvement Program management
  • Asset Management
  • Pre-Development
  • Construction oversight
  • Owners Representation
  • Financial services
  • Development Management

Financial Services

Do you need to secure the funds required to complete your real estate project?

Do you have the materials prepared  to submit to a Lender  that will move your project to the top of the pile?

If the answer to the first two questions is “NO”, then you should contact Dillon Development Partners, LLC to review your funding needs and discuss how Dillon Development Partners, LLC can help prepare a financing strategy with Lenders and possible government guarantees provided by a state or local government Economic Development department, the Small Business Administration or United States Department of Agriculture.